Payment Service

if you want to buy something from some website and you dont have currency or wallet that website support, or that website have some special wallet and you cant have one, we can do this payment for you, with more than 200 way to pay.
with more than 3 year experience  of payment, we can make payment enjoyable for you.

Having Trouble?

If there are any questions or problems regarding the instructions and provided services, you can contact the support team trough live chat so we can resolve the issue immediately. Go on and place your order, and in case you are facing any trouble, chat with us and let us know about it.

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Pay attentions:

  • If you register incorrect information in your order, we will not be responsible and all necessary following-up will be your responsibility.
  • If you place an incorrect order, you must inform us via ticket as soon as possible and send the correct information
  • If you decide to cancel the order after registering the order, let us know via ticket as soon as possible, if the order is not purchased by us, it will be canceled.
  • If for any reason you did not receive the service or product that we pay and need to open a dispute, this can not be pursued by us. Consider all aspects before buying, including reputability.
  • Note that payment via CryptoCurrency is Untraceable and non-returnable Notice: We execute your order as soon as possible The average time will be 20 min. Sometimes it will take more up to 1hour. Orders after 11 PM (GMT+4 is our zone time) will execute the next day in the morning so please don't panic!